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The ‘Fornite’ saga

A very well known group London of day schools wrote yesterday to the parents of all of their children warning against the addictive nature of a popular video game that is sweeping the nation. They went on to talk more generally about the use of mobile phones, tablets and computers…

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Preparing for exams

I have spent a fascinating hour this morning listening to Radio 5 Live. The discussion was on revision. How much is enough? Should pupils be put under pressure to do well in exams? Barnaby Lenon suggested, in a blog for the ISC, that pupils should aim to revise for seven…

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Children in Britain spend just 16 minutes a day outside

Geoff Hurst has, today in the Times, written about a study produced by The Office of National Statistics, which states that children in Britain today spend an average of just sixteen minutes a day outside. This includes time spent outside at weekends. This is a shocking statistic and one that I…

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