Inspection Report


In the Michaelmas term 2015, the ISI carried out a compliance inspection.

100% of parents said:

  • My child is happy at the school
  • My child feels safe at the school
  • My child is well looked after at the school
  • The school welcomes my views
  • Behaviour is well managed
  • My child has access to a broad curriculum
  • My child enjoys boarding
  • The boarding accommodation is well maintained
  • My child is well looked after if he is ill or injured
  • My child feels safe in the boarding house
  • Boarding staff treat my child fairly
  • I would recommend the school to another parent

100% of the boys said:

  • I enjoy school
  • I find my lessons interesting and engaging
  • The school gives me the support I need to learn
  • The school encourages me to do my best
  • I feel safe and happy at school
  • Boarders get on well together in the house
  • I feel safe in my boarding house

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In the Michaelmas term 2016, the ISI carried out a short compliance visit.

You can find our entry by clicking on this link : Short Visit 2016