Inspection Report

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Comments from the ISI Inspection Report, November 2018.

The Educational Quality Inspection is divided into two parts. We were graded as excellent, the highest grade available, in both areas.

“The quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent.”

“The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent.”


  • Pupils, including those with SEND, make exceptional progress.
  • Pupils are highly motivated to achieve in all aspects of their learning
  • Pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills are excellent.
  • The pupils demonstrate unusually high levels of eloquence
  • Pupils’ attitudes to learning are entirely positive and, as a result, they are highly productive in individual and collaborative work.
  • Pupils enjoy very good relationships with teachers; they are unfailingly polite, committed to their learning and aware of their privileged position.
  • Pupils demonstrate high levels of initiative and independence across all subjects and show very enthusiastic attitudes towards learning
  • Competence in listening and speaking in French is highly developed, in part through the opportunity to visit the school’s property in Normandy and to spend a day in a French school.
  • Pupils achieve highly in accordance with the school’s aim to prepare each pupil for public school life.
  • Pupils demonstrate high levels of competence in numeracy, not only in mathematics lessons but in subjects such as science, geography and design and technology.
  • Pupils show an excellent understanding of how to improve their own work because of consistently well-marked books, regular review and target setting


  • Boarding pupils appreciate the approachability of staff
  • Pupils demonstrate exemplary manners and take responsibility for their own behaviour
  • Pupils benefit from the inclusive approach which enables each individual to achieve their personal best.
  • Pupils delight in helping others.
  • Pupils are very well supported by careful pastoral oversight
  • Staff use praise to bring out the best in each pupil, fulfilling the school’s aim to develop a happy way of being together
  • Pupils display excellent ability in reflecting on their personal development.
  • Pupils are socially aware and reflective.
  • Pupils very much appreciate the nutritious and well-balanced diet provided by the school.
  • Pupils are determined and resilient.
  • Pupils live up to the school’s ambitious aims to imbue in them the qualities of kindness, courage, honesty, self-discipline, and to foster resilience and zest for life.


  • Pupils’ success in sport, performing and other arts is a real strength of the school.
  • Parents and pupils are extremely positive about the extra-curricular activities provided by the school.

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