Academic Life

We set high academic standards and expect all the boys to do their best and to be ambitious.

One of the most important things we do is to build academic confidence. We encourage the boys to take risks in the classroom, to give an answer even if they are not certain it is the right answer. It is so important that the boys take an active part in the lessons as they will enjoy them and learn a great deal more.

We structure our forms in a unique way, operating a form of ladder system. Boys move through our form system as they develop academically and not simply because of their age. This means that boys for whom learning is easier are stretched and challenged and boys who find it a little more difficult are given the time and support to develop at their own pace.

In their last two years, the boys sit a full set of Common Entrance or Scholarship papers in their internal examinations so that by the time they sit the real thing, they know exactly what to expect.