Headmaster’s Welcome

Welcome to our website. I hope that you will discover, as you have a look through, that Sunningdale is no ordinary school. This is a unique place where every boy has the chance to become the very best version of himself.

Our smaller size means that we get to know the boys incredibly well. We understand what makes them laugh, what they enjoy, what they are good at and what they need help with. We tell them when they have done something well and we help them when they have found something more difficult. We are a big family in which every single member is valued. The boys form bonds for life and the boarding ethos of the school provides all of them with unique opportunities for shared experiences.

Our academic record rivals any other prep school in the country. We are not academically selective but we get the absolute best out of every boy. We have high expectations for the boys but we provide the support that makes these expectations realistic. The boys are stretched and challenged and the amazing attention that each boy receives ensures that none can slip through the net.

We have a huge programme of sport, art, music, drama and other activities and it is our aim to find each boy’s passion and help him develop it. In a small school, everybody is included. It is all about having the opportunity. 

We are a boarding school that does boarding properly but we also understand the need to be flexible. Boys may weekly board but we are two thirds full at weekends, which are packed with fun things to do. We also have a small number of day boys who are fully integrated into the life of the school.

My wife, Elisabeth, and I would love you to come and see what makes Sunningdale so special so please, do get in touch to arrange an individual visit.

Tom Dawson