Why should I consider a boarding education at Sunningdale?
Sunningdale is a small family school where everybody is part of the family. We are a very close knit community and Sunningdale is like a home from home.
Who can my child go to with a problem?
We encourage the boys at Sunningdale to talk to anyone they feel comfortable with. The relationships between staff and pupils are excellent. We have a wonderful team of matrons who act as surrogate mothers and Mrs Dawson is also on site for anyone that needs a bit of TLC.
How do I know if boarding is the right thing for my child?
Most boys love boarding. If they are the sort of boy who likes having a go at different things and getting stuck in they will love Sunningdale.
Why do parents want their son to board?
By the time they are 7 or 8, boys need a wide range of different outlets. They need a good variety of activities and a good balance of work and play. At a country prep school the extra-curricular opportunities are almost endless and you don't have to travel anywhere to take part.
Is there enough for boys to do at the weekends?
Busy weekends are crucial. Masses of activities are on offer from paint-balling to premiership rugby games and the boys get to choose what they would like to do. Unlike many schools, Sunningdale is three quarters full at weekends so the boys have plenty of friends to muck around with.
Does my son need to sit an ‘entry test’?
Sunningdale is non-selective. We invite prospective boys to a Discovery Day where they will take part in activities such as a science experiment, some sport or a leadership task. We observe them throughout the day to see if they are the sort of boys who will thrive here. We also ask their current schools for a reference to make sure that they will be able to keep with our curriculum. What we are really interested in is their character; will they want to get involved in lots of the opportunities on offer?
Does Sunningdale School offer scholarships or bursaries?
We offer academic and outstanding talent awards in music and sport. Boys are assessed during a scholarship day. Do contact the office for a scholarship entry form. We do offer bursaries for various different reasons and further details of these can be obtained from the Headmaster.
When should interested parents apply?
Parents may register their sons from birth but there are always one or two places available up to a year prior to entry.
Can my son join at 11+? What is the process?
Boys can join Sunnindgale in Year 7 but places are limited. As a result of this we have had to introduce an assessment. The academic element of this assessment is important but we also take into account other factors such as sporting or musical ability.
Why is Sunningdale different to other boarding prep schools?
Being smaller than most schools has huge advantages. The boys get more of a chance to shine. Sunningdale has a wonderful family atmosphere and every boy feels valued. The classes are very small so every pupil receives a great deal of attention and they get fantastic support.