At Sunningdale we pride ourselves on the the very high quality of our food. Our two in house chefs prepare a wonderful range of dishes to give the boys all the fuel they need!

We have a food committee where the boys go through the menus with the Head Chef and are able to make suggestions and changes. The boys are brilliant at coming up with ideas although sometimes the Head Chef has to reign them in a little!

We all eat together in the dining room and we do not operate a canteen system. The boys sit round the table as they would at home and there is a member of staff on each table to sit with them. This is a great chance to catch up and see how their day is going and it also helps to keep an eye on their table manners!

One of the highlights of each term for the boys is the House Supper. The winning house is treated to a candlelit supper in the Library. They choose the menu and the staff attached to their house join them for the evening.

Naturally, some boys have different dietary requirements and this is dealt with seamlessly by the catering team.