Boarding is a huge part of Sunningdale life. The boys have so much fun in the different dorms and boarding also offers them the time and space to make the most of all that is on offer and, perhaps most importantly of all, spend time with their friends just being boys!

We offer full and weekly boarding. The school believes that boys benefit from boarding in a small environment where they receive very high levels of care and support. Weekly boarders will go home after games on Saturday (4pm) and they should return on Sunday evening for Chapel which begins at 6.15pm. Parents are very welcome to come to Chapel. We are, however, 70% full at weekends as so many boys choose to make the most of all the activities on offer.

There is a one week ‘Long Leave’ in the middle of each term and there are two additional long weekends. These run from 1pm on Friday to 7pm on Monday.



Weekends at Sunningdale are the stuff of story books – a chance for boys to be boys away from the digital screen and to use their imaginations.  After a Saturday of matches there are evenings of themed suppers, films, where boys sit under their duvets in front our giant cinema screen drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn, socials with local girls’ schools for the older boys or assault courses round the dorms for the others.

Sundays give the boys a chance to relax and play with their friends, whether it be a giant game of ‘Convoys’ in our beautiful grounds, den building, painting in the art room, climbing trees, feeding the pigs, gardening in their own gardens, roasting marshmallows on the fire or off fishing, mountain biking, paint-balling or simply spending time bowling in the nets or kicking a football about with friends.  This, of course, is after a full English breakfast, a roast Sunday lunch and a visit to the ‘grub cupboard’! We have Sunday evening chapel and we always love seeing parents at this.